Delving into planning

So it’s 2016! I’ve done quite a bit of food experimenting this past year. Along with this, has been hours of looking up recipes, and additional hours spend grocery shopping and ultimately cooking. I’m always so happy with the meal once it’s complete, but the time and process can be discouraging. This year, I’m going to try something new–meal planning! I’m excited about this idea, and the time and money it could save. I’ve already started this week! I started off looking for some sort of template to get myself organized. I was surprised to find so many different types! This is the one I’ve settled on using for now:


This was found at I like the set up, and the break down of the shopping list into categories. Somehow I’d never thought to do this on my own grocery list (let alone even write a list half the time!).

I made a list of meals by looking through my vast collection of cookbooks, especially a new one I received for Christmas. I wanted to utilize my crockpot more during the week as well. I also looked on the internet for some additional ideas. I’ve saved and printed so many over the years, there was a big stack at my house to look through as well! Once I decided on what to make, assembling the grocery list was pretty easy.


I HATE going to the grocery store. I feel overwhelmed, and unable to focus. I usually want to leave as soon as I get there. But this trip wasn’t so bad. It was good to have the list and know I was buying to make actual meals, not just randomly picking things up hoping I’d use them. I ended up grocery shopping on a Monday night, due to being out of town over the weekend. I’m hoping to go on Sundays in the future, just to feel ready to start the week and not have to spend Mondays at the grocery store!